Control Your Financial Future

Become the captain of your money ship.

Discover and master your unconscious money habits.

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Elevate your relationship with your finances.

Eliminate your toxic debt

We provide a personal roadmap that helps you strategize & get out of debt.

Improve your money mentality

Learn how mental health and money problems are often intricately linked.

Learn money mindfulness

Understand your money & mood patterns and how they relate to one another.

Create a better financial future

Become the captain of your money ship. Take back control.

1. Get your money picture

See your complete outlook of how you spend money in one place (credit transactions included)

Automatic budgeting plans

Personalized milestones for toxic debt pay-down

Insights on money management

2. Guided by humans, powered by AI

Our powerful system keeps you on track with your money goals. We look into your past money behaviors & nudge you towards better habits.

Personal accountability for any time you fall off-track

Weekly check-ins on spending behavior

3. A focus on money mindfulness

Our relationship with money tends to be highly emotional. We help you learn your money mentality and mental blockers you have surrounding money.

Learn your triggers and how to avoid them

Get disciplined on your spending behaviors





Uncover and master unconscious money habits that are harming your future. Take actionable steps to take control of your money ship.

  • Auto-budgeting
  • AI-Powered Insights
  • Money mindfulness training
  • Milestone tracker for debt pay-down
  • Personal money cheerleader, protecting future you
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