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The Future of Maintaining

Control of Your Creative Capital


in one sentence

juju is a blockchain-based social network that helps people take control of their creative capital.



The power of blockchain technology lies in the unequivocal connection, transparency and accessibility of data.



Imagine a decentralized network that is a gateway to your personal social ledger.

A space where you can not only connect and learn from others, but a home that contains your creative capital.

Imagine a platform where ad-revenue dollars go back into the network, thus, self-sustaining every human that’s a part of it. This is our vision for juju.

In the

world of juju…

…a “nobody” from Atlanta, Georgia can create and mint a dance as an NFcT (non-fungible creative token) and share it with their community.

Four months later, a popular influencer can find this, repackage it, and re-share causing the original asset to go viral.

With juju, the original creator can always be tracked and sourced via the juju network. In fact, every NFcT asset is sourced back to the original network creator ensuring ownership of creative capital.

App Snapshots

Why this is important to us.

The idea of ownership of creative capital is very important to our team.

As a team of all black Americans, it is a powerful memory that for most of us coming to this country — we were human capital before we were allowed to make capital. juju tilts the scale towards good.

As the home for creative and cultural genius, built on the back of new technologies, juju has the power to change the world.

Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds

Product Lead & Marketing

Daniel Kolawole

Tech leader with a proven history in professional development of individuals.

I am a tech enthusiast. I believe in growing my community and better individuals. I am a Per Scholas Alumni and graduated from Clayton State University with a bachelor in Mathematics.
CoFounder, CTO

Gregory Davis

Problem solver, customer advocate, teacher and innovator.

Software Engineer with extensive experience in full-stack web development and systems architecture. I am a problem solver, customer advocate, teacher and innovator.
CoFounder / CEO

Sky Davis

Design Leader with over 10 years of experience building and scaling teams.

Product Design Engineer based in Atlanta with over ten years of experience.

Across her career, she has helped create large scale, tech-forward products and led companies to focus on human-centered design. This includes work with eTrade, Prudential Insurance, Kabbage, Capital Group, PwC, and several other companies.

She also co-founded Money Captain (https://moneycaptainlabs.com/) and QueerHealers (https://queerhealers.com).

In her spare time, Sky enjoys volunteering at mission-driven non-profits like, GirlsWhoCode and HarlemGirlsCode, where she strives to redefine what it means to be visible and impactful in tech.

Software Engineer / Blockchain Developer

Zachary Farley

Atlanta native, software engineer with a passion for blockchain technologies.

Zach Farley is an Atlanta native who earned his Bachelor's degree in Chemistry at Kennesaw State University in 2016. He obtained his AWS CLOUD ARCHITECT CERTIFICATE shortly after graduating he launched his business zCode Solutions to help tech-focused startups enter the market.

In 2018 he discovered his passion in Blockchain and now focuses on building and contributing to the DEFI community through smart contract and cryptocurrency investments.

More recently in 2020, he became COFOUNDER of KITTLABS co-development studio. A co-working space focused on growing and incubating top-tier software engineers in the fields of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Web development, Mobile development, IoT, and machine learning. Zach focuses on the blockchain domain within KITTLABS where he consults interns/members in blockchain strategy and implementation.


IBM HyperProtect Accelerator participants
MetaBronx Accelerator participants



James Wilson, SVB

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